Mobile Apps For Your Political Campaign

Utilize a mobile app to help build your political movement and create touchable connections between your constituents and your campaign.

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Bring Your Campaign To The Mobile World

(Stay) Relevant

What do all of your potential voters, constituents and key connections have in common? They are all currently looking down at their smartphone or tablet. If you want to make lasting and relevant connections that influence elections, you have to meet people on their mobile devices. By staying relevant in the realm of technology, you can then go on to make a difference in your community.

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(Go) Mobile

If you believe recent technology doesn’t influence politics and elections, you haven’t been paying attention. Look at the most recent presidential election. More than ever, technology is consistently changing the way we communicate with each other and share information. Mobile apps are not just a trend, they have become an integral tool to building connections.

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(Build) Connections

From sharing important campaign announcements to reaching out for volunteers and donations, mobile apps use a number of resources to accomplish one goal — making relevant connections. Reach voters like never before and give them access to every piece of information they need in the palm of their hand. Build long-lasting connections for the duration of your career.

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Mobile Apps For Your Campaign

The mobile app arena is no longer a place exclusively reserved for games, social networks or messaging. It is now a medium for making relevant mobile connections. In order to reach fast-paced and on-the-go voters, politicians are beginning to see the benefits of smartphone and tablet apps and how they can influence elections. As smartphones continue to become sleeker and more advanced, users are forgetting their laptops, and instead, reaching into their pockets for entertainment, utilities and research.

At Summit Political Apps, we can help current and potential voters access your political campaign with their fingertips. No matter your target demographic, we can build a mobile app to provide your constituents with useful resources so they can stay involved with every aspect of your political agenda. From your bio and campaign promises to information on volunteering and contributing to your campaign, users will also have quick and easy access to your campaign’s contact information right from their iPhone or Android device.