Our personalized mobile apps come with a suite of features already packaged and ready to use by your constituents. Each app will be populated with the information from political campaign and delivered to your users. Below are the list of features you can use to your advantage and expand your campaign into the mobile arena:

Bring Your Campaign To The Mobile World

Accept Donations

Fundraising is the core of all campaigning. It is no secret that money drives a campaign, and the strategy put in place is limited by the funding provided. Use your app to give your followers the ability to make a donations from the palm of their hands. They will be carrying around the ability to donate to your campaign right in their pocket.

Upcoming Events Calendar

From rallies to voting dates, keep your users updated with important upcoming events they can check with ease from within your app. Allow them the ability to RSVP to certain events while keeping others closed. With a few taps of their finger, users can share any event to their social pages or just email the details to a friend. Connect your app to your NationBuilder nation and the app will pull all your calendars and events from your site into the mobile app automatically.

Phone Bank Volunteers

Use the power of mobile devices to create phone bank volunteers from anywhere in the country. Provide your trusted users with a passcode and they will get access to a phone call script and call information from a call list provided by your team. They can make the call, read your script and provide call feedback that is sent to your app dashboard, all within your app.

Spread Your Campaign Agenda

Keep users up to date with your campaign agenda by providing them with up to date information right in the app. Share politician biographies so users can learn more about why they should support your agenda. Reaching out to voters and constituents has never been easier.

Show Recent Issues Your Team Has Resolved

Let your users know you are listening to them by showing your resolutions to their problems. Address common problems by projecting your plan and actions to their every day worries. Reach out and inform your users that their voice is your priority.


Your campaign is only as strong as your volunteers. Allowing volunteers to register through your app makes it easier for them to lend their time to help you grow your campaign. We realize that you need volunteers to help you improve this country and your app can give access them with the tap of a button.


Help your users keep up to date with your party with our biography section. You can include personal and political biographies so users can read about your hopes and accomplishments. They will also be able to learn about team that helps keep your campaign going.