The voting demographic is currently going through one of the most drastic changes in history. This generation’s voters have never known a world without the Internet, and more recently, a world without smartphone devices. And with four million new voters turning 18 and entering the voting pool this year, utilizing mobile apps is more important than ever.

Smartphones are here to stay. With an estimated 152.5 million people across the United States owning a smartphone — 63.8 percent of the mobile phone market — it is impossible to ignore the continually escalating trend of smartphones swiftly making their way into the majority of U.S. households.

Fortunately, gathering relevant mobile connections has never been easier. Politicians no longer have to rely on press releases, the media or rallies and meetings to inform the public of their campaign promises and garner support for upcoming elections. They can now reach voters on a more personal level.

Stay Relevant

Knowing one’s audience isn’t just an important skill for public speakers or writers. It’s also essential for politicians with hopes of representing their towns, counties, states or country. By utilizing a well-designed and useful smartphone application, you can take useful steps toward actively reaching voters and potential voters whose votes will put you in office.

Young adult voters have grown up with mobile technology and while they only make up a portion of potential voters, these relevant mobile connections will greatly benefit you and your campaign as you near election day.

Go Mobile

The digital age has drastically transformed the way candidates not only run their campaigns, but also the way voters make decisions and ultimately cast their ballots. Want proof? Let’s look at the most recent two presidential elections. Facebook, Twitter, smartphones and a number of other recent technological phenomena didn’t even exist before the 2008 election. Politicians who best utilize this technology — especially mobile technology — are the ones who reach the most voters and reach their ultimate goal on election day.

Campaigns are no longer won through pounding the pavement or passing out countless fliers through the mail. Tens of millions of voters accessed important political information on their smartphones during the 2012 presidential election. Voters like to control the information they receive about local, state and national elections and the people running for office. They want to download and look at a mobile app for politicians they believe in.

Build Connections

In today’s world, voters and constituents can access more information faster and easier than ever before. Unfortunately, this over saturation of information makes it harder to rise above the noise and really make long lasting connections with people that truly believe in you. That is where a beautifully designed and easy to use mobile app sets you apart from the rest.

Use your mobile app to share upcoming events, announce public appearances and post your campaign agenda. Bring in volunteers and accept campaign donations easier than ever before with our mobile app push notifications. If a potential voter wants to see what you have done in the past, how you have voted or what you have accomplished, a mobile app can make it easier than a Google search. With professional political apps, you will never campaign the same again.